Transcription Services Help Needed

Hiring a CC student for transcription services on research/writing project.

Scope of Work: Working from recorded audio files, transcribe the audio content into written Microsoft Word documents.

  • Audio files are .mp3 or .wma format
  • 30 files in initial work set, additional files to be added at a later date
  • Audio file length varies from 45 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Total recorded minutes combined may require 8-10 hours of transcription work to start
  • all audio files are clear, in the same voice, with good diction and no background noise

*A Transcription Kit is available for use if desired – kit consists of DSS Player software (Windows and Mac versions available) and a foot pedal that controls the playback of the recording with play, pause, fast forward and rewind controls. Easy to use – 10 minute training needed to learn to use the kit. The pause/play control assists in the transcription process.

Work space is not provided, but any location with a computer, Microsoft Word, and the ability to download .mp3 or .wma audio files, will support the work.

Skills Required: Basic computer, typing and editing skills necessary. Familiarity with downloading and playing audio files and word processing with Microsoft Word required.

Compensation Options: Minimum Wage – $12/hour OR $1/written page

To Apply: Email interest and questions to or call Michael at 719-963-6121

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