What’s the Difference? Quick Questions and Appointments

There are two main ways that students have been able to meet privately with a coach or intern at the career center in the past: appointments and drop-ins. Appointments are the same, but drop-ins got an fresh look, and now they’re called…


In honor of this momentous change, I will explain how to figure out if you should schedule an appointment or show up during quick questions.


Appointments are typically half an hour long and are scheduled ahead of time. They can be with specific career coaches that you already know, or, if you are coming in the first time, we can arrange for you to meet with the coach that has the most knowledge about your major or the fields that you are interested in. Of course, if you are undeclared or aren’t sure what field you are interested in pursuing (‘cuz who really knows, right?!) everyone at the career center is intelligent and kind and lovely and can help you.

Appointments are great for talking about:

  • Any stage of a job/internship search
  • Going over a resume or cover letter (or both) in depth
  • Other questions about applications, interviews, etc.
  • How to talk about a negative work experience when applying for a new job
  • The big stuff, like: How do I know if I’m pursuing the right major? Will I ever get a job? Why can’t I have block breaks for the rest of my life? Will anyone pay me to sit around and read Steinbeck and think about the role of the harpsichord in the scores of historical dramas? (Okay, that might just be me.)

One exception to the half-hour rule: mock interviews can be scheduled for longer time slots (up to an hour).

Quick Questions

Quick questions are 15 minutes long and don’t hold you to a schedule. No calling or emailing necessary! Just show up!

Quick questions are perfect for:

  • Simple resume or cover letter review
  • 1-2 interview questions you are uncertain about how to answer
  • What to wear for an interview or other inquiries
  • Clarification or editing an application answer (or 2)
  • Help with job/ internship databases
  • Making new friends at the Career Center! Yay!

Quick questions can also work well at the very beginning of a process such as a job search or an application. Then, once you’ve looked into some initial resources, you can follow it up with an appointment.

*Pro Tip: Mondays are by far our most popular day, so if you don’t want to wait to meet with someone, your best bet is to come later in the week.

**Pro Tip #2: If you’re looking for a quiet, cozy place to study, come by our evening quick questions on Wednesdays!

To make an appointment: call 719.389.6893 or email us at careercenter@coloradocollege.edu.



Gabriella Magnani is a junior at CC studying classics, English, and music. She composes instrumental and vocal music for student films and other projects, and is one of the 4 student composers for the Nov. 5th show “Purple State Purple Haze” in the Kathryn Mohrman theater. She is a language nerd and loves discussing grammatical concepts. She plays piano and sings soul & jazz, and is in the chamber chorus. In addition to working at the Career Center, she is an intern in the newsroom of KRCC and works as a Latin tutor on campus. You can find her reading and drawing wherever coffee is served.

She will continue to write articles this coming year on career- and life-related topics, so keep an eye out here on the blog!

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