Which Green Jobs Are in High Demand and Where Can You Find Them?

by Alice Porter | June 25, 2019
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According to Environmental Business International, over 1.6 million people work in the U.S environmental sector. Compared to the annual growth predictions, the skill shortage for jobs within this industry is becoming greater every day. As we move towards a more sustainable way of life, the need for a wide remit of environmental jobs is becoming more of a necessity. As it stands, the global environmental sector will be in a deficit of 40 percent due to skill shortages.

Skills shortages are a huge contributor to the gap that currently sits between major global countries taking the lead to create an environmental economy. Postgraduate and professional skills are highly sought after by multiple companies and businesses. In order to make a positive change, this industry needs to be incentivized and put in front of a wider audience.

What skills are needed?
Where are the top locations for green jobs?


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