Quad Innovation Partnership

Want to help Colorado Springs solve the city’s most gripping problems? The Quad Partnership (including CC, PPCC, UCCS, and USAFA) is offering their signature Summer Intensive program in the month of June. Participants will spend a month creating and validating a possible solution to one of the region’s most compelling problems as identified by various major organizations in town. These problems range from addressing homelessness, spreading rooftop solar with Colorado Springs Utilities, or addressing food insecurity in the city. The program is open to current students and alumni within 2 years of graduation, with stipends of up to $1000. Attend the info session next Tuesday, April 11th at 2PM in the Morreale Carriage House. To apply, click here. The deadline is April 24th at midnight!

FORCE / RESISTANCE: Now Open at the Fine Arts Center

From February 27th until September 9th, FORCE / RESISTANCE will be available to the public at the Fine Arts Center on Cascade Ave. The Fine Arts Center, in conjunction with Colorado College’s Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies Program, curated an exhibition that “seeks to stimulate dialogue around the complex relationships between systems of power and violence in the United States. The artists in the exhibition address a range of issues including racial profiling, mortality, racially motivated conflict, and legislative oppression.” From Floyd D. Tunson’s “Endangered” series to an original documentary From Standing Rock to Colorado Springs, this exhibition provides us an opportunity to interrogate long lasting social issues through various vantage points. Tunson’s black and white portraits of young black men bring humanity to the misunderstood black boy. Dáreece Walker’s painting on vinyl recreate images of police brutality and resistance. On a black white wall, From Standing Rock to Colorado Springs is projected and testimonies of experiences at Standing Rock are shared by Indigenous professors, students, and activists. These images recount stories relevant to the experiences of many communities as they experience force and resistance from and to power.

For more information, visit the Fine Arts Center website. The Fine Arts Center is open daily from 10am to 5pm. Admission is free for members and those with a CC id, otherwise, it is $15 for adults.  

“Beloved Community Village”: Tiny-home village comes to Denver

In Los Angeles and Seattle, tiny-home villages have spurred up to meet the needs of the homeless community of that city.  In Seattle, 22 furnished tiny homes comprise a village with electricity, showers, and kitchens. In Los Angeles, 40 “micro dwellings” have been built with solar panels and wheels. These micro villages are not only sustainable but comprise a community of care and intentionality. The tiny-homes village in Seattle has teamed with social workers to aid community members in practicing sobriety, finding jobs, and other personal and practical goals. 10 cities across the country have tiny-home villages where communities are cultivated, to give everyone a place to call home, and to offer homeless people some agency.

A tiny-home village is now coming to Denver in the arts district of RiNo. Including 11 homes, a communal space for food preparation, gatherings, restrooms, and showers will provide housing and vital amenities for 22 people. This initiative, named “Beloved Community Village” will be “democratically self-governed with a mission to provide homes for those people experiencing homelessness that will also cultivate community living and self-empowerment”, as stated on the Beloved Community Village website.

Written by the Beloved Community Village are a number of statements that speak to the importance of this project. They state:

Beloved Community Village exists because…

We, as people needing homes, know we can’t keep waiting for someone else to build them for us.
We must take matters into our own hands and create our own home together with compassion, community, and dignity.
We, in solidarity, take the responsibility to build, govern and sustain our village.
We, as people coming from survival on the streets, know the vast and critical need for safe spaces to sleep without being rousted by police or private security and being under the constant threat of violence.
We believe that all people deserve safe sleep
We the village residents will do all we can to provide this for our community.
We envision the world where all people have this basic right to create homes together.

This project centers the homeless and brings dignity to an often “uncomfortable” topic in public discourse. To learn more about tiny-home, visit the Beloved Community Village website or click here to see other tiny-home villages across the country!

Submit a Proposal for a Community Engagement Mini-Grants!

Submit a Proposal for a Community Engagement Mini-Grants!

Apply for a Community Engagement Mini-Grant to support engaged projects this summer or next fall!  Supported by the William P. Dean Memorial Fund, these grants promote initiatives and projects that collaborate with a community nonprofit partner to address the needs of marginalized populations in Colorado Springs or student’s home communities.  The maximum award is $750, which can be spent over the course of one year from the date of the award.  For more information and to apply, click here

Applications due 4th Monday (April 17th) at noon.

Interested in taking a summer course?

Summer Session at CC provides students an opportunity to continue their studies during the summer when campus is relaxed and at an easier pace. We’d like to highlight some courses that would be of interest to students involved with the CCE! These courses include:

Informations on these courses can be found by clicking on the class name above. Many of these classes fulfill the Critical Perspectives requirement! For information on summer session, click here. Be sure to check out how to use your wild card (1 summer block of free tuition!).

“Perfect Your Pitch” Skills Training

Join the “Perfect Your Pitch” Skills Training workshop April 4th at 3pm in the Hastings Conference Room (3rd floor of the Spencer Center).

Many times throughout your college and professional career, you’ll be asked to, “Tell me about yourself.” Whether in a job interview, a networking event, or even in a chance encounter, it’s important to have your personal pitch down. In this interactive workshop, we’ll learn the important components of a personal pitch, and start developing and practicing our own.

This workshop counts as a Skills Training for the Community Engaged Scholars program. All students are welcome. Go here to register!

Applications open to join the CCE Student Advisory Board!

Apply to serve on the CCE Advisory Board!

Want to help shape the direction of community engagement programming and initiatives on campus?  The CCE is now accepting applications for the CCE Student Advisory Board for the 2017-2018 academic year.  Members of the Student Advisory Board give student voice to the programs and initiatives of the CCE, serve as liaisons between students and staff, and act as ambassadors of the office.  Members work with CCE staff as collaborators and co-creators of programs, providing meaningful student input in issues of community engagement.  For more information and to apply, click hereApplications due 3rd Monday (April 10th) at noon.

Nominate someone for a Community Engagement Recognition Award!

The Collaborative for Community Engagement will be acknowledging the special work of five individuals and a community partner with the awards below. Award recipients will be honored at a ceremony that celebrates both exceptional work and the ongoing community-engaged initiatives of the campus community. Refreshments will be provided.

All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to submit a nominations. Individuals may be nominated for multiple awards, but only one award is possible per submission, and self-nominations will not be considered. The deadline for submitting nominations is April 11.

Awards include: Exemplary Achievement in Community-Engaged Teaching, Outstanding Community Partner Award, Outstanding Engagement with K-12 Youth, Exceptional Promise in Social Justice Award, Award for Outstanding Community Service, and Anabel and Jerry McHugh Director’s Award.

To make a nomination, click here.

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