Executive Council Meeting, 4/2/2012


Ben Quam

  • We will be putting up posters for the President’s Council around Worner.
      • This will be a go-to group of students for Jill to utilize when high-powered individuals come to campus
  • Met with John about making the Tiger Pit CCSGA space

Jack Regenbogen

  • Working on student liaison position
  • Has a meeting set up on April 25 to talk about job placement for homeless through Springs Rescue Mission
  • Focusing on committee appointments – taking applications
  • Next year we want to make sure that the appointees are doing their jobs and taking the position seriously

Logan Dahl

  • We have $30,000 we just found out about! Llama will be better!

Discussion Items

  • Prioritizing our goals with the administration
    • For now, we would like to prioritize the Student Bill of Rights
  • Strategic Investment ideas for CCSGA?
    • small and growing budget for student liaison position
    • mental health worker on campus full-time
    • more positions like web manager
    • higher salary for Executive Council members
    • more money for general purposes
  • Tiger Pit, and CCSGA possibly taking over that space next year, turning it into offices
    • space will fall to student life
    • OR, Jack proposed, it could be a bar
    • None of these ideas are set in stone yet, nor are they mutually exclusive
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