Tigers and Pits and CCSGA, Oh My!

Ben has drafted a copy of the strategic investment proposal so that CCSGA can get more funding. Logan will go over it tonight and we will finalize tomorrow. Logan needs all the budget applications by the time he wakes up on Wednesday morning!

Pat wants to make sure that the email transition will run smoothly next year. He met with Bob Holmes and Jan Martin and wants to have a follow-up meeting with the director of transportation for Colorado Springs.

Ari met with Elliott to talk about a few projects that he will be doing or continuing next year, including strategic investments, constitution work, and elections. We will be using the honor council’s layout as a blueprint to set up rules and regulations so that everything will run more smoothly than it did this year. We want to set up a system that makes it harder to “break the rules” (i.e. the same person voting with multiple student ID numbers, etc.)

Becca will be sending everyone a draft of an email to send out to their constituents to make the end of the year cleanup happen. It’s difficult to get people to pay attention and volunteer for things like this, even when they are incentivized with an extra day to move out for anyone who helps! If we don’t get enough volunteers, it won’t happen anymore…which would be a damn shame.

ALSO, for Honors Convocation, NO ONE should be campaigning for votes because it is against the protocol/rules/code, what have you. SO if you see someone or some group campaigning, shut it down.

Discussion: What to do with the Tiger Pit space when the new gym opens?

So, your tit pit, ti-pi, estro-gym, whatever you prefer to call it…it’s getting to’ up when the new gym in El Pomar opens. The question is, how can we best utilize it? How could CCSGA potentially utilize it?

Logan and Ben met with John Lauer, the head of ResLife, and he was not at all fazed by the idea of making huge changes to the space (e.g. walls, desks, etc.) Ben asked member of full council to brainstorm about the use of space.

People raised the idea about opening the space to other student groups whenever SGA was not using it. Logan raised the idea of small offices for each VP, according to the needs of the different positions. Finance, for example, could really use a projector so that everyone on the finance committee could simultaneously look at different financial documents as they come into discussions. He brought up the idea of secondary benefits–being more productive in one’s own space, taking the job more seriously, along with incentivizing more people to run (because of more prestige), and professionalizing the positions.

Ryan raised the point to that we should still have transparent walls so that people feel invited into, not included from, the goings-on of CCSGA. Becca and a lot of others did not feel that anyone should have an office with a closed door.

Emily brought up that Worner is packed and really strapped for space as it is, so if we were to get new offices–like a mental health coordinator–we would ideally want a location in Worner.

Also, we are thinking about couches, printers, and storage space…


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