Phoenix McLaughlin is in a band called Bill Nye and the Science Guys and they just performed for the Bill Nye the Science Guy. At the Broadmoor.

A flag display on the quad to raise awareness of genocide, April 2012.

On the meeting minutes agenda tonight! Moving out! How student groups feel about us! The FREX bus to Denver! The budget reports! Read on, young grasshoppers.

Becca has been working with the end of the year volunteer cleanup efforts that happen after each school year to help sort and donate items left behind in the major dorm buildings. Now, we need the help of underclassmen in those dorm buildings because very few people have volunteered to help. For anyone interested: If you stay and help, you get an extra 24 hours to move out of your room! As a senior who has moved out of a dorm room not once, but twice, I can tell you with assurance that the extra time will help you. Otherwise, you will be just another one of those frantic students fleeing the dorm like a rat off a sinking ship…

Ari is sending out an email to all student leaders with a survey about CCSGA asking for feedback and suggestions as to what CCSGA could have done better this year. We want to do things like this to improve and strengthen our relationship with student groups.

Elliott has been writing resolutions against cutting funding for the FREX bus. There was a Colorado Springs city council meeting last night where a resolution was raised to stop funding the FREX bus from Colorado Springs to Denver. Money is very tight in the Colorado Springs transportation department, so it has been difficult to find the revenue to keep a service like this going. We are not trying to be Colorado Springs policy-makers, but we are trying to be the voice of students in Colorado Springs, collaborating with UCCS and possibly Regis University (if they get back to us). Obviously, everyone is busy 8th block so we are trying to get some interested students aligned and rallying as soon as is feasibly possible.

The Finance Committee has its report out, and they did pretty well with getting almost every group almost all of the funding that they need. We voted on how to approach groups that got their forms in really late, even though there were a multitude of emails reminding them to submit their budget applications. We voted, and student groups will here from CCSGA this week.

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