PENULTIMATE Meeting of the Year

Welcome to the almost final Executive Council meeting of the year!

  • Joseph came to talk about email options — whether we want to stay with Microsoft Solutions or switch to gmail. We have to pay more, indefinitely, every year to keep the @coloradocollege accounts going. It could possibly be switched to an opt in system, where you decide whether to keep your account after graduation or not (less expensive).
  • Ari is working on transitions, but the young Mamet is taking over. A beautiful transition!
  • Logan is trying to scrounge up money for Llamapalooza. Also, tomorrow at full council meeting, the finance committee will be introducing new addendums to budgeting for next year. Mainly this has to do with groups who use a large portion of their money on parties or other special events. In these cases, we’d like to shift their budgets so that the party money isn’t included in what they get at the beginning of the year. Instead, they can apply for special event funding.
  • Dinner with Mike Edmonds on Monday at 6:30.
  • FREX business: Town halls are on the Thursday after we leave (May 17). Jan Martin (City Council) knows about the Save Frex website; the mayor should soon know about the website; publicity is good. We got 664 signatures in a week. We also have postcards and have gotten a lot done, but need to finish it all.
  • Updates on the Student Bill of Rights will be happening next year, but it’s kind of a can of worms…
  • We’re meeting at 4:30 tomorrow to allow everyone time to get to the farewell reception tomorrow afternoon.
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