Last Full Council Meeting of the Year

What a day! Tuesday started with Honors Convocation at 11 in Shove, where I got to see a number of my friends honored with shiny things in the form of medal awards and, if they were especially lucky, checks. Executive Council members stepped up to the plate, or in this case, the microphone, to present some all campus awards. (I admired their grit, as these awards only came after we’d made it through the alphabet of all the majors and all their awards.) Involved Student of the Year and First Mondays founder Andrew Wallace looked like Michael Phelps up at the podium. It’s very strange to be writing this post and thinking about how graduation is in 12 days, but at the same time it’s very nice to be a senior at all of these end of the year ceremonies where you can actually see many of your class peers being sought out and recognized.

Tuesday also marked the last full council meeting of the year, and I won’t go into too many details as most of them were covered in the Executive Council notes from Monday afternoon. Pat presented the newly elected members of the All Campus Committees, like the Women’s Concerns Committee, the Conduct Committee, and all that jazz. Morale was high when it came to the Save the FREX campaign. We’ve gotten over 700 signatures in a week–very impressive on the part of those campaigning for the cause! Elliot is also having people write postcards about why they think the FREX is important and/or necessary, which (rather than stamping) he can then put in a big box to take to city council. The thing that perhaps we didn’t realize before, though, is that our prerogative is just to save the FREX for the next year. Years beyond that are not really in out purview, Elliot explained, and will be left more up to city council and others.

Samantha and Stanley have both been working on surveying student interest in a cheaper means of transporting students from our beloved Colorado College to DIA for breaks from school. There currently is a shuttle, yes, but it’s very expensive (upwards of $40 per student) and runs at what I hear are somewhat inconvenient times. Survey respondents were asked to list times when they would most want transportation, and were also asked to list how much they would be willing to pay for said transportation. Return services are always tricky, because it’s notoriously hard to get students to commit to when they’ll be back. (This is not students’ fault!) Anyway, the issue is that we want to make sure this is not a for-profit service that would jeopardize our status as a nonprofit.

AFTER full council we had a lovely reception for CC faculty and staff leaving us after this year. Ryan Haas did a beautiful job organizing the event, and we all enjoyed champagne, light food, and toasts! We will miss all of the wonderful influences who are leaving us, especially Ron Smith after the email he sent us today with rewritten words to a Doors song. I’ll end with that.

“This is the end

My CC Friends

This is the end

My beautiful CC friends, the end


Twenty years of enforcing, the end

No longer working, the end

This retirement is no surprise, the end

I’ll never look into criminal eyes….again


Can you picture what it will be

So different without me

You’re desperately in need….of some…new director’s hand

In a…. new and exciting changing CC land.”

-Ron Smith

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