The Future of Colorado College


As part of President Tiefenthaler’s Strategic Planning Process, the Colorado College Student Government is hosting a Town Hall meeting with President Tiefenthaler on Thursday, October 18th from 4:00 to 5:30 in East Rastall for you to learn more about the process and voice your opinions about the direction the college should take.

We invite you to come and help to define what Colorado College will become in the coming years, and to offer your opinions, criticisms, and suggestions for creating a strategy for improving our institution.

The importance of your involvement could not be greater. The choices this college makes in the coming year will define the image that will not only affect the future of the college and its mission, but the reputation and label that will follow you as a student with a degree bearing its name.

We in the Student Government hope to continue and improve Colorado College’s image as one of the premier institutions of higher education in the United States. That is only possible with your participation.

Read more about President Tiefenthaler’s planning process here. Or download the summary of her Year of Listening, detailing what she finds to be the core attributes of the college.

See you on Thursday!

The Colorado College Student Government Association

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