Isaac Green ’14, Student Body President


Isaac looking the part of a president.

Isaac is a History/Political Science Major from Chicago. He has worked in the U.S. Senate for Senator Mike Johanns and at Organizing for Action, a non-profit social welfare organization created to advance the agenda of President Obama. He currently serves as the chair of the Student Conduct Committee. He is also a member of the Blue Key Honor Society, GlobeMed, the Honor Council, CC Concert Band, and the best intramural team: the Jazz Cats.

Allison Weibel ’14, Vice President for Outreach


Alli connecting with her farming roots.

Alli is a senior History/Political Science and Spanish double major from the far-off land of Bloomington, Indiana. Her Colorado College experience has been painted with amazing friends, inspired and inspiring faculty, supportive staff, light-hearted athletics, community service and engagement, and breathtaking views on block breaks. Throughout her time at CC , she has stayed engaged in both the campus and Colorado Springs community, but is excited to be even more active in these communities while acting in her role as VP for Outreach. She is excited to have open dialog with students, faculty, staff, and the community find solutions and build greater relationships.

Emily Spiegel ’15, Vice President for Student Concerns

Emily with sister, Becca.

Emily with her #1, sister Becca

Emily is a junior and a studio art major. She farms, peer tutors, cooks, cleans, Grows, and generally qualifies as a “housewife”, though unintentionally. Her spirit animal is a fox or a strawberry, and she wants students to know that their concerns are important to her. As a student leader in GROW and other groups in the past, Emily has been able to make an impact on many students in her first two year. As she heads into her Junior year, she is excited to look out for the rest of us students.  Her sister Becca is the most important thing in her life, but CCSGA is a close second.

Alejandro Salazar ’16, Vice President for Finance

Alejandro rubbing elbows with important people

Alejandro rubbing elbows with important people

Alejandro is a Political Science major from Aurora, Colorado. Over the summer, he was a fellow at New Era Colorado, a local nonprofit that works to get youth involved in politics. He currently serves as the student representative for the Budget Committee. Alejandro is also an active member of Honor Council, SOMOS, BSU, NASU, and is an RA in Slocum.

Jacob Waldon ’16,  Vice President for Internal Affairs


Even though he is the Vice President of Internal Affairs, Jake loves to get outside.

Jake is a sophomore who is majoring in mathematical economics or political science. He was a delegate for the United States Senate Youth Program, the National Youth Science Camp, and the State Department’s Youth Leadership program in Cambodia. Last summer, he worked for the National Conference of State Legislatures at a Public Interest Fellow. He is involved in Honor Council, the Writing Center, the Community Engaged Leadership Program, Speech and Debate, and the CC Choir. Jake’s hobbies include skiing, hiking, playing piano, and writing uninteresting bios for student government websites.