Last Full Council Meeting of the Year

What a day! Tuesday started with Honors Convocation at 11 in Shove, where I got to see a number of my friends honored with shiny things in the form of medal awards and, if they were especially lucky, checks. Executive Council members stepped up to the plate, or in this case, the microphone, to present some all campus awards. (I admired their grit, as these awards only came after we’d made it through the alphabet of all the majors and all their awards.) Involved Student of the Year and First Mondays founder Andrew Wallace looked like Michael Phelps up at the podium. It’s very strange to be writing this post and thinking about how graduation is in 12 days, but at the same time it’s very nice to be a senior at all of these end of the year ceremonies where you can actually see many of your class peers being sought out and recognized.

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PENULTIMATE Meeting of the Year

Welcome to the almost final Executive Council meeting of the year!

  • Joseph came to talk about email options — whether we want to stay with Microsoft Solutions or switch to gmail. We have to pay more, indefinitely, every year to keep the @coloradocollege accounts going. It could possibly be switched to an opt in system, where you decide whether to keep your account after graduation or not (less expensive).

Tigers and Pits and CCSGA, Oh My!

Ben has drafted a copy of the strategic investment proposal so that CCSGA can get more funding. Logan will go over it tonight and we will finalize tomorrow. Logan needs all the budget applications by the time he wakes up on Wednesday morning!

Pat wants to make sure that the email transition will run smoothly next year. He met with Bob Holmes and Jan Martin and wants to have a follow-up meeting with the director of transportation for Colorado Springs.

Ari met with Elliott to talk about a few projects that he will be doing or continuing next year, including strategic investments, constitution work, and elections. We will be using the honor council’s layout as a blueprint to set up rules and regulations so that everything will run more smoothly than it did this year. We want to set up a system that makes it harder to “break the rules” (i.e. the same person voting with multiple student ID numbers, etc.)

Becca will be sending everyone a draft of an email to send out to their constituents to make the end of the year cleanup happen. It’s difficult to get people to pay attention and volunteer for things like this, even when they are incentivized with an extra day to move out for anyone who helps! If we don’t get enough volunteers, it won’t happen anymore…which would be a damn shame.

ALSO, for Honors Convocation, NO ONE should be campaigning for votes because it is against the protocol/rules/code, what have you. SO if you see someone or some group campaigning, shut it down.

Discussion: What to do with the Tiger Pit space when the new gym opens?

So, your tit pit, ti-pi, estro-gym, whatever you prefer to call it…it’s getting to’ up when the new gym in El Pomar opens. The question is, how can we best utilize it? How could CCSGA potentially utilize it?

Logan and Ben met with John Lauer, the head of ResLife, and he was not at all fazed by the idea of making huge changes to the space (e.g. walls, desks, etc.) Ben asked member of full council to brainstorm about the use of space.

People raised the idea about opening the space to other student groups whenever SGA was not using it. Logan raised the idea of small offices for each VP, according to the needs of the different positions. Finance, for example, could really use a projector so that everyone on the finance committee could simultaneously look at different financial documents as they come into discussions. He brought up the idea of secondary benefits–being more productive in one’s own space, taking the job more seriously, along with incentivizing more people to run (because of more prestige), and professionalizing the positions.

Ryan raised the point to that we should still have transparent walls so that people feel invited into, not included from, the goings-on of CCSGA. Becca and a lot of others did not feel that anyone should have an office with a closed door.

Emily brought up that Worner is packed and really strapped for space as it is, so if we were to get new offices–like a mental health coordinator–we would ideally want a location in Worner.

Also, we are thinking about couches, printers, and storage space…


Back from Spring Break, Luckily No Lobster Tans

Updates and Announcements

Ben and Jack drafted a letter to city council about the surveillance cameras downtown. Jack is working with Springs Rescue Mission and the position of the student ambassador to City Council. Jack is in talks with faculty/administration about wages (i.e. heightening the minimum hourly wage) and letting graduating seniors keep their CC email addresses for a small amount of time (like a semester) after graduation.

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Black Bean Soup, Delicious and Vegan and Handmade by Becca Spiegel–TONIGHT at Empty Bowls!

Ben is working on getting students to work with Mike Edmonds on alumni issues.

Jack is still working with City Council and thinking about various homeless initiatives.

Logan wants to make sure people know that they can actually make money off of events that they put on–not from ticket sales, but from ancillary items, like a fee on a dunking booth or bobbing for apples. Logan is also working on a very liquid debit card–a very secure, small amount of money compared to what CCSGA currently gets–that we could use to fund projects as they come in without having to wait for approval that often comes pretty slowly.

Ari is working on election stuff, since the debate is TOMORROW and that is about all. (It is very time-consuming.)

Becca’s committee is still working on mental health stuff. It’s a long term, big project, so they are still in the process of working. Also, she made a whole bunch of soup for Empty Bowls tonight.

Discussion Items had to do with the endowment discussion and potentially allotting funds from budget spillover for either 1) a mental health professional on campus at all times or 2) a subsidy to cover labor costs so that we can raise wages, especially to help people with dependents. This discussion was, of course, open to other suggestions for what we might want to subsidize. (We should rank the ideas, because other people will be deciding–or not deciding–on it.)

Fat Tuesday, Phat Meetings and, oh yeah, the Rest of the Week

It is snowing and very pretty and that caused me to do some very cheesy things today like run outside at 5:35 so I could snap a picture of the clouds on the mountain before they were swept out of sight by the darkness. But I suppose the reason I share that is because it’s the second semester for all of us, and the last semester for one-fourth of us, and that makes me want to really, really appreciate this environment while I’m still a part of it.

The appreciation aspect is also interesting, because it comes up in this article about Jill Tiefenthaler and Kevin Rask’s economics class. The article mentions that, among multiple peers, CC ranks the lowest in alumni donations, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because alums really appreciate and value their time at CC. The class, I’m sure, is involved in lots of brainstorming around this along with many other mercurial issues, but one certain thing is that it’s getting a lot of press.

Also in the press–if you count posters around campus–is the Student Government elections, along with the Student Trustee election, both of which are coming up very very soon (i.e. apply if you’re interested! Materials are right here on the website!)

A warning to heed, though: This year, it is stipulated (in so many words) that there can be no corn-dogging as part of a student’s election campaign for Student Government, as in the case of 2011′s Corn Dogs for Quam! So, my hungry seniors, get your hopes down; elections will have to forge on without such delicacies. (Sadly, I missed that day anyway, as I was in Chicago for the semester, working on my preliminary blogging skills. But I hope there were Quorn dogs as well, and I would also hope that a lone vegetarian will read this and know what Quorn is.)

Anyway, Quam and the rest of the Executive Council, along with their minion (me) have had a proactive and interesting year as the first Council to work with 13th President, Jill Tiefenthaler, in supporting students and making advancements. Advancements like, for example, the new Student Trustee position that will be available for the 2012-2013 school year. In fact, the Executive Council is grubbing on dinner with the Board of Trustees right now, probably wearing their finest business casual (which, as we all know, is Logan Dahl’s casual. Your finance advisor always camera-ready. Tidbit: Logan and Stickies)

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