Here are the official election results. Names in bold have won spots in the election and are elected to CCSGA Full Council. Voter turnout was 21.1%. 

First Year Representatives (3)
Mayss Al Alami – 311
Abe Mamet – 258
Tom Roberts – 254
Samantha Saccomanno – 237
Sidharth Tripathi – 220
Mallory Shipe – 181
Sophomore Representatives (2)
Kelsey Zeikel – 332
Reed Young – 317
MK Swartsfager – 303
Junior Representatives (2)
Samantha Albert – 453
Nawar Sattar – 427
Senior Representatives (2)
Seema Ibrahim – 457
Arezoo Hababi – 431
Finance Representatives (4)
Austin Miller – 468
Jaden Hawkinson – 461
Allie Verchota – 438
Takanori Kondo – 335
Anubrat Prasai – 276
Karen Rojaspalacios – 270

Thank you to all the candidates for a great election, and for their time and effort in participating in the political process.


CCSGA Full Council elections are today. All students vote for all candidates. A link has been sent to each student email to vote. Log in to vote the same way you would with your email. Voting will close at 7:00 PM MDT.

Before casting your vote, please be sure to review each candidate’s position here.

Full Council Candidates

Here is the finalized list for Full Council Candidates this year. For more on each of these candidates positions, click here. For a DOC version of the platforms (more readable), click here.


First Year Representatives (3)

Mayss Al Alami

Abe Mamet

Tom Roberts

Samantha Saccomanno

Mallory Shipe

Sidharth Tripathi

Sophomore Representatives (2)

Matthew Swartsfager

Reed Young

Kelsey Zeikel

Junior Representatives (2)

Samantha Albert

Tashbid Sattar

Senior Representatives (2)

Arezoo Hababi

Seema Ibrahim

 Finance (4)

Jaden Hawkinson

Takanori Kondo

Austin Miller

Anubrat Prasai

Karen Rojaspalacios

Allie Verchota


Colorado College Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day

In celebration of the visionary civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., Colorado College is planning a host of activities on campus this coming Monday, January 19.

The festivities are set to climax with the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Troupe at 7 PM in Armstrong.  This event also features the Gospel Music Workshop of America Choir where President Tiefenthaler will be providing the introduction.

Colorado College Student Government encourage all students, faculty, staff, and the public at large to come in celebration of this extraordinary man. The events are free, open to the public, and no tickets are required.

Downloads for the program can be found here.