385 Alejandro Salazar 
247 Nawar Sattar

Alejandro Salazar wins President.

VP Outreach

312 = Davis Tutt
325 = Abe Mamet 

Abe Mamet wins VP of Outreach.

VP Finance

279 = Austin Miller
365 = Erik Laitos 

Erik Laitos wins VP of Finance.

VP Student Concerns

642 Mayss Al Alami 

Mayss Al Alami wins VP of Student Concerns

VP Internal Affairs

307 Tom Roberts
345 Samantha Albert

Samantha Albert wins VP of Internal Affairs.


With an estimated Student Body of 2000, the 642 votes received give a voter turnout of 32.1%. Any complaints concerning election fairness and process should be made within 24 hours, by 7:17 PM, April 9, 2014 to