Recipients of the $12,322 Initiative Award

N.A.S.U. (Native American Student Union) ~ $672
For the building of a campus adobe oven. This oven will be built near Worner for student convenience. Their reasoning behind building this oven is to educate the student body about the importance of community life for tribes like the Pueblos and the Zuni. It is also eco-friendly as it uses less wood than most wood burning ovens and does not require the use of fossil fuels.

S.O.C.C. (Sounds of Colorado College) ~ $1000
For the establishment of a small shuttle service to get to nearby social venues such as Ivywild. The purpose of this shuttle service is to keep students out of the cold and get encourage interest in live music outside of the CC community.

Jackson Foster (CC Plant Strong) ~ $1000
For a lecture series revolving around the topics of nutrition and the relationship between our diet, health, and the environment. This lecture series will attempt to bring top educators and activists to discuss the role of nutrition as it relates to our world.

William Sword ~ $5,000
The intent of this award is to put on a concert later in the year in Gates Commons. The band has yet to be determined, but will be announced in the near future.

Dance Workshop ~ $5,000
For the a full day event called “Shut Up and Stop Making Sense.” The title is a blend of two highly-acclaimed concert films that show the intermingling of electronic music and rock and roll: “Stop Making Sense” and “Shut Up and Play the Hits.” The event will feature many of the songs of these two films. This event will bring together some of the most popular performance groups in Cornerstone. Performances will include various a cappella groups, student DJ’s, Tigerjazz, the CC Concert Band, Dance Workshop, and many more.