Outreach Committee

The CCSGA Outreach Committee works together to create and complete projects that will help grow the relationships between students and the Colorado Springs community. Through partnerships with Colorado Springs City Council and businesses throughout town, students can have a more rewarding experience while living here. The city can also benefit from the various important contributions students can and do make to it.

Members of the Outreach Committee:

Abe Mamet: Vice President of Outreach Committee

Student Concerns Committee

The Student Concerns Committee’s primary purpose is to help transform ideas and concerns of students into tangible policies that support, facilitate, and enhance student life. Additionally, members of the committee undertake their own initiatives that they believe will better serve the needs of the student body.

Members of the Student Concerns Committee: 

Mayss Al Alami: Vice President of Student Concerns Comittee

Internal Affairs Comittiee

This Committee organizes and provides oversight of the daily paperwork needed to manage and keep track of the wide variety of activities that CCSGA partakes. Moreover, the Committee evaluates all the club charters

Members of the Internal Affairs Committee:

Samantha Albert: Vice President of Internal Affairs Committee

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee allots and oversees the distribution of funds to student organizations and events. This Committee reviews budget proposals and then allocates the limited resources given in such a way that will best enrich student experiences.

Members of the Finance Committee:

Erik Laitos: Vice President of Finance Committee