Executive Candidates Debate

Thursday, April 2nd @ 3pm

East Rastall

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Want to attend

Thursday we will be meeting from 7:00-8:00pm

a Full Council meeting?

in the WES Room (downstairs Worner)

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New club

on campus?

Fill out the

"New Student Group Application"

(click on the "Clubs" tab above)

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Welcome back


Colorado College

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sammy Has feelings hurt.

    She’s my black, white and brown Australian Shepherd. Maybe you’ve seen her around campus, chasing squirrels.

    Students love her and are constantly petting her and treating her great. This is awesome.

    However, there’s a lady that works at the library that SAMMY ISN’T WELCOME ON CAMPUS. SHE CHASED us OUT OF THE LIBRARY TODAY. SHE EVEN SAYS SAMMY CAN’T BE TIED UP OUTSIDE OR ALLOWED TO RUN LOOSE. Please do what you can to bring this injustice to Sammy to Students’ attention.


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