Voter turnout was 43% of all CC students.  For context, last Spring, the run-off election had a turnout of 53%. Congratulations to all the new executives on CCSGA, and thank you to all candidates for running outstanding campaigns! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, contact the Election Commission at

Student Body President Votes Received Percentage of Vote
Allie Romo 302 30.38%
David Wright 365 36.72%
Isaac Green 327 32.90%

Total Votes Cast 994

Vice President for Outreach Votes Received Percentage of Vote
Alli Weibel 469 48.45%
Ashley Johnson 301 31.10%
Samantha Albert 198 20.45%

Total Votes Cast 968

Vice President for Student Concerns Votes Received Percentage of Vote
Emily Spiegel 626 65.07%
Will Harris 336 34.93%

Total Votes Cast 962

Vice President for Finance Votes Received Percentage of Vote
Alejandro Salazar 427 44.67%
Henry Sackman 291 30.44%
John Orrell 238 24.90%

Total Votes Cast 956

Vice President for Internal Affairs Votes Received Percentage of Vote
Jacob Walden 953 100.00%

Total Votes Cast 953

After the run-off election:

Isaac Green wins Student Body President.

Alli Weibel wins Vice President for Outreach.

Emily Spiegel wins Vice President for Student Concerns.

Alejandro Salazar wins Vice President for Finance.

Jacob Walden wins Vice President for Internal Affairs.