The CC Print Shop is moving on Monday, Jan. 14 to a new location on campus. The following Q&A format will address most questions related to the move as well as PageDNA, the new print ordering website portal that the college will launch on Monday, Feb. 4. If you have further questions after reading this post, contact the Office of Communications at

Details About The Move

When Is the Print Shop Moving?

The Print Shop is moving on Monday, Jan. 14 and will reopen Monday, Jan. 21 at the start of Block 5 2019. While the Print Shop is closed, orders may be sent to Centennial Printers: Please include delivery location and budget codes.

Where Is the Print Shop Moving?

The Print Shop is moving to the Creekside Facility on the northwest side of campus, the same location that served as the storage repository for books when Tutt Library was being renovated. The address is 234 W. San Miguel St., but the location won’t be easily accessible to most on campus. If you need a consultation with Carl Olson, the printing coordinator, you must make an appointment. He can be reached at x6950 or

Why Is the Print Shop Moving?

The Central Services building, which currently houses the Print Shop and Mail Services, will be demolished in 2019 to make room for CC’s new Robson Arena.

New Process for Print Orders

To make the production workflow more efficient and to address the issue of the Print Shop’s inaccessible location, the college is launching an online print ordering portal called PageDNA.

What Is PageDNA?

PageDNA is an online service that allows users to order print products via a product-selection storefront. This means that you can log in, select the type and quantities of a print product, set delivery location, and pay for the products in a few easy steps. If you have ever visited a website where you added products to a cart and paid for them online, PageDNA works in the same way. You may hear different terms related to this service: “PageDNA,” “online Print Shop,” “storefront,” “print ordering portal” — they all refer to this same service.

What Are The Benefits of PageDNA?

Here are some of the ways in which PageDNA will be a substantial resource for the college:

  • Single Sign-On Access: PageDNA will create your user profile based on your Banner data, which is helpful for saving your contact and delivery information, budget codes, order history, and for selecting appropriate products for your division.
  • Select products, sizes, paper type, and quantities from a visual menu.
  • Set delivery time and location, track your order, and receive automatic confirmations.
  • Order and design your own business cards, letterhead, and other college logo stationery.
  • Order basic copies and other on-demand print orders.
  • Simplified billing reports and budget reconciliations.

When Will PageDNA Be Available?

The campus community may begin using PageDNA for logo stationery and basic print product orders beginning Monday, Feb. 4. The online Print Shop URL will be: When you first sign on, you will be directed to enter your SSO credentials and then select a division profile in a drop-down menu. Once you create your profile, you can then begin ordering products.
Note: Do not log-in and create your profile before Feb. 4. Any profile created before that date will be deleted.

Print orders will still be accepted over email after Feb. 4 so that campus members have time to create profiles on PageDNA and use the service without any challenges. After the grace period, however, print orders will only be accepted through PageDNA.

What Type of Payments Will Be Accepted on PageDNA?

Offices and departments can enter budget codes to pay for print orders. Students will have to pay for their print orders using Gold Card Plus. No other types of payments will be accepted.
Note: Students must go online and add funds their Gold Cards before they can pay for an order.

Will Training Be Offered on PageDNA?

Yes. The Office of Communications will hold a few training sessions before and after the launch to help the campus community learn about the new ordering process. Watch for communications regarding these training sessions.


Other Changes Including Pricing

The Print Shop currently charges 5 cents per side for black and white copies and 35 cents per side for color copies. A two-sided print order costs 10 cents per copy for black and white and 70 cents for color. The college will institute a new pricing structure to better reflect actual costs for operating the printing machines and for supplies, as well as finishing and rush-delivery charges.

Beginning with the launch of PageDNA, the following price changes will go into effect.

Ink Charges

In addition to paying for leasing the Print Shop printers, the college pays an ink charge on each copy of paper run through the machine, called a “click charge.” These click charges will now be added separately to each order as follows:

  • Black and white copies: 1 cent single-sided; 2 cents double-sided.
  • Color copies: 4 cents single-sided; 8 cents double-sided.

Paper Charges

Rather than charging one price for any type of paper used, the new prices will reflect the actual cost of the selected paper; most will range from 2 cents to 10 cents per sheet. Specialty papers will cost more. Please download this PDF to see the types of paper available and their respective costs.
Note: Paper prices from the vendor supplier increase annually. Updated prices will be reflected in PageDNA.

New Pricing On College Stationery and Logo Products

College stationery, such as business cards and letterhead and other logo print products, will have a new quantity price structure. These premier products use a higher-quality paper, so the pricing will be different than what is reflected in the above paper charges. Please download this PDF showing quantity pricing for stationery and logo products.
Note: College stationery and logo products will only be available in these quantities and sizes.

Delivery, Timeframe, and Rush Charges

Delivery of print orders will occur once per day. Mail Services will pick up print orders every morning from the Print Shop and transport them to Worner Center to be distributed through campus mail (student mail boxes or office/department drop-off).

Each print order received through PageDNA will take three business days to complete and deliver after an order is placed. For example, if an order is placed on a Monday, the order will be completed and delivered by that Thursday. The following rush charges will be applied to orders requested in less than three business days:

2-day delivery $5.00

1-day delivery $10.00

Same-day, pick-up only $15.00

Finishing Charges

The term “finishing” refers to any production aspects other than printing that are required to prepare the order. These include stapling, binding, cutting, folding, creasing, scoring, three-hole punching, and packaging. If a print order requires any type of finishing, a nominal fee will be added.

Note: All charges — ink, paper, rush, and finishing — are automatically added to the print order in PageDNA. No need for you to select and calculate separately.

Printing Coordinator Carl Olson is a single-person operator at the Print Shop. The following changes will help him complete orders more efficiently.

Standard Paper Selections

Each office and department should have received a CC Print Shop Paper Stock booklet that indicates which paper stocks will be available at the Print Shop, including finishes, weights, and colors. Only papers included in the stock booklet will be available, and the Print Shop will no longer order specialty paper. As a commercial printer, the minimum amount of paper that the Print Shop is required to order is one case, equal to 5,000 sheets. Most specialty paper is used for small print runs, leaving the Print Shop to store specialty paper for long periods of time.

If you wish to use paper not featured in the paper stock booklet, you may order from office or online paper supply stores. A few include:


Office Max

Office Depot

The Paper Mill

Note: Non-standard paper must be delivered to the Print Shop.

Standard Product Sizes:

Only standard product sizes will be available on PageDNA. No other sizes can be selected. Standard product sizes include:

  • Letterhead: 8.5 x 11, Monarch size
  • Basic Copies: 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, 11 x 17
  • Envelopes: A2, A4, A7, Monarch size, #10, #10 window, 9 x 12, 10 x 13
  • Event/Promo Posters: 11 x 17 vertical
  • Flyers: 8.5 x 11
  • Folded Brochures: 8.5 x 11, 5.5 x 8.5, 5.66 x 11, 3.66 x 8.5
  • Postcards/Info Cards: 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 9 x 6 flat
  • Notecards: 4 x 6, 5 x 7 folded
  • Booklets: 5.5 x 8.5, 8.5 x 11
  • Invitations: 5 x 7 flat or folded
  • Certificates: 8.5 x 11, 11 x 17
  • Large format: 60 x 36 (research poster), 11 x 14, 18 x 24, 27 x 36, 3’ x 6’ banner

Other products that will be added at a later time: name badges and name plates; table tents.

Note: Custom sizes and orders are available on a special case basis and for orders over 1,000 pieces.

Printing Terminology

You may come across the following printing terminology while using PageDNA:

Bleed – when an image or design element, like solid color, extends off the edge of the paper during printing.

Coil/Spiral Binding – a type of bookbinding finish that binds pages with a long, looping, spiral wire of plastic.

Comb Binding – a type of bookbinding finish that binds pages with a thick, plastic comb.

Finish -a) a method of production to complete a print order, e.g., folding, stapling, or packaging; b) the coating, appearance and/or feel of a paper stock, e.g., matte or gloss, eggshell.

Saddle-stitch – production of a booklet that is folded and bound with staples in the spine of the booklet.

Wiro Binding – a type of bookbinding finish that binds pages with thin combs made of plastic or metal that has a more professional appearance.