Attention all volunteers! Due to Baccalaureate, we will not need any volunteers on Sunday, May 18th. Please do not show up because there will not be anything to do and that would be sad. We will still be serving food at 1 pm for all interested guests!

Since its inception in April 1992, the Kitchen has served a free meal  every Sunday. In this way, we function as a soup kitchen; however, it is our firm belief that providing food is only a band-aid measure for the much greater problem of poverty. We view our Sunday meal as a space for conversation. We seek to go beyond the Soup Kitchen model of volunteerism in three major ways: first, by reducing barriers between guests and volunteers. Anyone can eat, anyone can volunteer, and everyone is treated with respect. Second, by promoting awareness of core issues and encouraging critical thought. Finally, by giving a voice to our guests and volunteers through our Sunday Skill Share program. We encourage all our volunteers and guests to learn more about causes and potential solutions of poverty.

While two modestly paid student co-managers organize the menu and handle day-to-day operations, we depend on volunteers to help with food preparation and participate in serving our meal.  Volunteers include community members, individual CC students,  CC staff, faculty and their families, members of on-campus groups who have chosen a particular Sunday to volunteer together, local high school students, church groups and Air Force Academy cadets.

Welcome to the Colorado College Community Kitchen

Please consider volunteering with us this summer! We need more help during the Summer than during the school year.

Hours of Operation:  Every Sunday. Morning Shift 9 am-12 pm, Afternoon Shift from 12:30 pm-3 pm. Meal Served from 1 pm-2 pm


Shove Memorial Chapel

1010 N. Nevada Ave

Colorado College Campus


Colorado Springs, CO 80903