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Staff Compensation

Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

Human Resources has worked with Staff Council to develop answers to questions we have received about the staff compensation program: 

Compensation FAQ 1

Questions about the staff compensation program may be asked directly to Human Resources (Pam Butler or Barbara Wilson) or to Staff Council.

Implementation Update

As announced last week in our meetings with departments, a new staff salary structure was implemented effective May 1. 

Here’s a link to the PowerPoint slides used in the informational sessions:

April May 2012 department meetings

Please contact Pam Butler at x.6222 if you have any questions!

Compensation presentation from In the Loop (2-16-12)

Please find the power point presentation describing next steps in the staff compensation system redesign here, as presented at In the Loop on 2-16-12.

Please note that because this presentation contains information that is really private to CC, it will require you to enter your regular CC username and password to access (i.e. jsmith or j_smith)

Staff Compensation Project Status Update – October, 2011

As outlined in the Project Steps presented in November, 2010, work has been accomplished in the various phases as follows:

Compensation Project Update October 2011

Staff Compensation Project – Status Report

The HR Department and Sibson Consulting have begun work on redesigning the current compensation program using the recommendations in the Working Group’s report.  A recap of the project goals and scope of work with Sibson Consulting is attached as well as the phases and associated schedules that are involved in the redesign.


As the compensation program redesign progresses, information sessions will be offered in the spring of 2011 to give details about the new program.  In the meantime, we welcome your comments and ask they be sent to Barbara Wilson, Pam Butler, and/or members of the Working Group.

Working Group’s Final Report

After our discussions and work during the 2009-2010 fiscal year, we submitted a final report (FinalCommitteeReport7-1-10).

Over the summer, HR and Sibson Consulting have been busy working on the compensation and classification system, informed by our report.  Sibson should be visiting in October to share their progress with the working group and senior administration.

CC’s current compensation philosophy

Since it isn’t really posted anywhere else, I thought I’d post our current philosophy on this site.  The summarizing paragraph states:

“Colorado College designs its compensation packages to attract highly qualified faculty and staff, to retain them by linking quality of work to rate of pay and advancement through a career, to enhance employee well-being and satisfaction, and to enable timely, secure retirement”

Click here for the full philosophy

April 2010 update

Since our presentation in December, we have met regularly in early 2010 to discuss the results and determine a further direction.

* We met with a consulting firm, Segal-Sibson to discuss issues that surround an effort like we are undertaking to redesign a compensation system.
* We discussed a lot more about the CoBGS model – the staff who attended the presentation liked the idea and so we wanted to pursue it further, but the committee has found itself debating the concept quite a bit and not getting much further than that on the subject.

* At our last meeting (4/1/10), HR informed the working group that Segal-Sibson will be hired to do the bulk of the work of helping CC restructure compensation (as experts in the field), and their efforts will be informed by our ideas and advice.  We are currently working on a report to summarize our work and ideas thus far, which will start Segal-Sibson off (we’ll post it here), and we’ll focus on advising them and communicating substantive updates to the community via this site.

Cost of Basic Goods and Services (CoBGS idea)

The working group met all last semester and focused primarily on developing the idea of using a Cost of Basic Goods and Services calculation, which would be a fixed dollar amount based off CPI data each year.  Every staff member at CC would receive the same dollar amount, no matter their salary, instead of a percentage.  This change would effectively mean that automatic raises would remain the same for lower paid staff, be less for middle range staff, and much less for higher salaries.  The change would also create room in the compensation pool to allocate a significant portion for other possibilities like performance and market gap (these increases exist currently, but tend to be so small they are not effective).

We presented the idea to the staff in December of 2009, wanting to know if staff liked the idea and thought it worthy of pursuing further, or if we should abandon it and go a different route.  We followed it up with a basic poll to see if staff agreed that it was a good idea.  Here are the materials from that presentation and the quantitative survey results:

Click Here to view the Power Point slides presented at the Staff Council hot topics event on 12/16/09

Click Here to view a video recording of the presentation

Click Here for Staff Council’s written minutes, recorded at the session. (Including a summary of the Q&A session, whereas the video and slides do not include this information).

Click Here to view the quantitative survey results (85% of respondents wanted us to pursue the CoBGS idea and come back with more information and a fuller proposal)

About this site


This site is intended to be a central location to share materials with the community as Colorado College goes through the process of evaluating and perhaps changing our compensation system for staff.

See the purpose, goals, and members of our working group on the left side of the page.

Visit this site from time to time to see any updates!