GDH Workshop Photos October 2018

October 2018 workshop, Timetable and activities:

  1. Session 1 (1.5 -3 hours): Introduction to Geodesignhub Interface, review “current state” of Monument Creek within CC campus, and study/discuss concept diagrams for improvement areas
  2. Session 2 (1.5 -3 hours): Participants split into teams of four, and select evaluation model diagrams for collective work. Share standpoints and conceive of modifications to synthesize a design.  Complete one ‘take home’ task between sessions 2 – 3.
  3. Session 3: (2 – 3 hours): Teams synthesize results and compare outcomes; all negotiate to prioritize System models and achieve an integrated, final (geo)design.


  • Allison Plute Schuch, Colorado Springs Utilities
    Saluja Siwakoti, student, Environmental Science
    Camille Garcia, student, Studio Art and Design                                                              Christine Siddoway, Geology Dept. and CC Geodesign
  • Matt Cooney, CC GIS Director and CCGeodesign
  • Annie Engen, 2018 PIFP Fellow / COS Parks, Rec, and Cultural Services
    Bradley Bollag-Miller, Architecture and Integrated Design major; CC Design Club member
    Kyle Larson, Garden Specialist, Colorado College Facilities Department
    Will Rundquist, CCGeodesign intern and Geology major
  • David Sachs, CCGeodesign intern and IDM major
    Espy Thomson, student, sustainability / environmental design
    Sam Elkind, CC Graduate 2016 (Geology); Software Developer at Illuminate Education
    Patricia Pi, Art: Architecture and Integrative Design majorSarah Sten, student, environmental design
    Mike Spruce, Arborist, Colorado College Facilities Department
    Cyndy Hines, State of the Rockies Program coordinator
    Carter Eng, environmental policy major, 2018 PIFP Fellow / Greenway Fund