Completed MR Papers

Elementary MAT candidates Mickelle Spendlove and Ronit Pitrone were elated to drop off their MR papers at Mierow House yesterday. Congratulations!

Mickelle Spendlove with her completed MR paper

Mickelle Spendlove with her completed MR paper

...and Ronit Pitrone with hers

…and Ronit Pitrone with hers


One thought on “Completed MR Papers

  1. Congratulations to ALL the MAT candidates….. I remember well, the feeling
    of great accomplishment when I defended my research paper back in 1990. One thing that I realize all these years later, is how very well prepared I was to enter the classroom… I approached my first year of teaching with a confidence and enthusiasm that was nurtured (and fiercely sweated over….) during my MAT experience at CC. I am truly excited for the adventures awaiting you….. Best of luck folks!

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