Your Site

You can access the administrative interface or your site by going to:


where sitename is your site’s name. You should have received this in an email.

Your Site Title

The first thing you’ll want to do is change the Title and Tagline of your site.

Once you have logged in click on the Settings link on the left side of the screen.

Changing your site’s name:


WordPress is famous for being one of the most popular blogging applications. It’s also a superb content management system. This is done by using Pages instead of Posts and making a few changes in the Settings section. As an example, this site is made up of four pages- Home, Tutorial, Request a Site and FAQ.

Adding a Page:

Don’t want to have a blog format? Create a Page called Home (for example) and then assign it to be the homepage via Settings >> Reading. See the video below:


Your account has 200Megabytes for storage. If you need more we would recommend you use service like Picasa or Flickr to host your images and embed in WordPress. Youtube would also work for videos.

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