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PhD., Associate Professor of Geology

Geology Department Chair

You have made your way to the web page of Henry Fricke, “the geochemist” in the geology department at the Colorado College.  Before arriving at CC I was a postdoctoral research scientist in Washington D.C., both at the Smithsonian Institution and at the Geophysical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution.  I did my graduate work in stable isotope geochemistry as a student of Jim O’Neil at the University of Michigan, and I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago.

I became interested in geology because I wanted to understand the history of the landscape around me (the great state of Pennsylvania), and over the years this interest in earth history has translated into the study of subjects ranging from cosmochemistry, metamorphic petrology and structural geology to geomorphology and geoarchaeology.  Fortunately in stable isotope geochemistry I have found a set of analytical techniques that allow me to maintain theses interests as well as to expand my learning and research into new fields such as terrestrial paleoecology and paleoclimatology.

My goal here at Colorado College is to get students as excited as I am about geology, and to give them a chance to become actively involved in using stable isotope and other geochemical methods as a way of learning more about the world that surrounds them and about its history.

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