SATURDAY, February 29, 2020

8:00am        Judges’ Meeting- Gaylord Hall, Worner Center

8-9:00am      SET-UP:  Middle School & High School Exhibit backboards set up in Assigned rooms in Palmer Hall classrooms

9:00- 11:30am           First Round Judging:

ALL Middle School and High School Documentaries (Group & Individual); All Middle School and High School Performances (Group & Individual).                                                                     (Judges will interview the students after each presentation.)

Middle School and High School Individual and Group Website Entries and Paper Entries INTERVIEWS. The Students’ work for both Papers and Websites will be evaluated in the week before the contest. Judges will meet with the contestants for a scheduled interview. This is NOT a presentation. Website and Paper Interviews are restricted to Judges and Students only.

ALL Middle and High School Exhibit backboard  (Group & Individual)                                 (9:00-10:15am    Judges only in Exhibit Rooms)

10:15-11:30am        All Middle School and High School Exhibit Student interviews (Group & Individual) (Judges and students ONLY)

11:30-1pm    *Public Viewing in Exhibit Rooms

1:00-3pm              Second Round Judging:

ALL Middle and High School Exhibit backboards(Group & Individual) Judges only. Students do not need to be present.

Any Documentary or Performance 2nd rounds if needed. (students must be present)

3:30-4pm              Pick-up all EXHIBIT Backboard projects

4pm                     AWARDS CEREMONY: Shove Chapel

*PUBLIC VIEWING: The public is welcome to view all Documentary and Performance presentations. Viewing in the Exhibit Rooms is limited and permitted only when the judges are not evaluating projects.