Lunch and Lecture: Stealing Art by Sherrie Wolf

Monday, February 13, 12 – 1:30pm
Gaylord Hall in Worner Center

Cost for lunch and lecture: $15, Reservations Required. Call 719-227-8263 or email

Known for her well-researched and meticulous appropriations from Old Master paintings, Sherrie Wolf received a BFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art and an MFA from Chelsea Collage of Art in London. Returning to Portland, she has become one of the most accomplished painters and printmakers in the Pacific Northwest. Her work has been widely exhibited both in galleries and museums as well as being included in a numerous collections through out the United States. With one foot in the past and another firmly in the present, I create a dramatic staged setting for my still life images. She writes about her work, “I am especially moved by the magic of illusion, and drawn to complex layers of activity with in a painting. I aim to exploit and to reveal, rather than disguise, the fact that art is artifice. For me painting is a way of exploring visual high-jinx and dramatic effects. I attempt to honor the trompe l’ oeil tradition, as well as grand historic paintings by my predecessors. I am indebted to them.”