Senior Art Majors Exhibition

Senior Art Majors Exhibition @ Coburn Gallery

Senior Art Majors Exhibition

25 April – 14 May 2013

1-7p.m. Monday through Saturday

Opening: 25 April at 4:30 in Coburn Gallery located on the main floor of the Worner Student Center.

The Senior Art Majors Exhibition is an annual group show displaying the diverse studies of 25 seniors who will be graduating with a Studio Arts degree.

Across the Colorado College campus Senior Art Majors have been showing their works individually.

It is now time to share their works as a collective.

 Senior Art Majors Exhibition

Artists in Alphabetical Order:

Adam Dickerson

Camila Galfore,

Cynthia Taylor

Daniel Alvarado

Deborah Detchon

Denali Gillaspie

Dylan Conway

Emily Franklin

Erin Gould

Hallie Kopald

Hollis Moore

Ian Stabler

John Christie

Lacey Carter

Lila Pickus

Malcolm Perkins-Smith

Renee Wooley

Noah Gallo-Brown

Olivia Myerson

Robin Gleason

Sarah Kelsey

Sophia Schneider

Theodore Benson

Tsipora Prochovnick

This exhibit is supported by
the Colorado College Cultural Attractions Fund
and the Art Department Stillman Fund for Exhibitions