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August 24 — October 21, 2015
IDEA Space


Can architecture create meaningful change? Can design promote social justice?  Can a building save lives? 

This fall, IDEA explores the ways in which design – including architectural, landscape, and product design – can create social change.  The featured exhibition, entitled Lo-Fab (Locally Fabricated), examines the socially engaged approach that the architecture firm MASS Design Group has taken in the creation of medical facilities, with the goal of improving medical care through design.  A series of lectures and events will complement the exhibition. The project is part of a broader yearlong exploration of design and social change sponsored by the Colorado College Art Department Design Research Fund.

Focusing on their designs for the GHESKIO Cholera Treatment center in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the exhibition explores the capacity of buildings and the building process to promote equity and inclusion, extend dignity, and save lives.

MASS Design Group is an international architectural design company dedicated to the idea that a building is more than a neutral container, but rather functions as an embodiment of the ideals and aspirations of those who inhabit it. With projects ranging from schools built in the Congolese jungle, hospitals in Rwanda, cholera treatment centers in Haiti, or medical master planning for hospitals in the United States, MASS Design is committed to a community-driven model of architectural practice, and believes that good design choices in the built environment promote equity and dignity, and help people live healthier, more prosperous lives.

MASS Design brings its philosophy and approach to the United States, beginning with two projects at Colorado College: the concept design for the renovation of Tutt Library; and the development of a new student residence, located on the east campus.

Lo-Fab and associated events are made possible by The Art Department Design Research Fund and The Cultural Attractions Fund.



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