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Racial Minorities Vs Majorities

I really enjoyed reading the articles this week about Native Americans in higher education, especially in light of having talked to Bently Spang this week. One that I read in particular, “Indians Teaching About Indigenous” by James Fenelon, raised some … Continue reading


taking it for granted

Like many of us, I had a very interesting experience coming back from Pine Ridge. Almost immediately after arriving on campus, my brain switched into 19-year-old-college-student mode. The weekend was eventful, albiet presenting a bit of a culture clash. I … Continue reading

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let’s talk

So maybe no one will read this because I posted it too late. In any case, we have clearly been through a great deal together and I think it’s safe to say our experiences will be of lasting importance for … Continue reading

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Tonight I was spinning fire poi with some of my friends and found myself in a conversation about magic. Part of the reason my friend loves the circus arts is because when they’re done well the performance becomes magical and … Continue reading

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Upward and Onward

As this class comes to a close I am beginning to realize what an amazing experience this has been. I never expected to learn all that I have , not only about native spirituality but about native culture. Until fairly … Continue reading

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In Conclusion…

As this block reaches its conclusion I’m filled with mixed emotions. I don’t want this experience to end, however I know what I learned at Pine Ridge will stay with me forever. Spiritually I feel the experience gave me the … Continue reading

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The End of the Beginning

As we are reaching the end of this class, I am not as excited for block break as usual.  Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely ready for a break, but I am nowhere near ready for this class to … Continue reading

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Learning to acknowledge the truths from within

Over the past few days a friend from high school has been visiting. I realized yesterday that I had developed a feeling of frustration and impatience whenever I was around him. This was troubling, for he hadn’t actually done anything … Continue reading

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Living Up To Pico’s Highest Human Capability

Pico della Mirandola, in his Oration On the Dignity of Man wrote: Man, when he entered life, the Father gave the seeds of every kind and every way of life possible. Whatever seeds each man sows and cultivates will grow … Continue reading

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Pine Ridge Sweat Lodge

Blog 1 Before I experienced a sweat lodge purification ceremony for the first time, I had read many accounts of people’s experiences with them. I read academic writing to learn the religious reasons for the ceremony and also I had … Continue reading

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