I’ve served as Chaplain of Colorado College since 1988, following stints at Vanderbilt University and DePauw University. I teach courses in nature and religion as well as indigenous traditions for our Religion Department. My roots are in central New Jersey – Lenape country from a native perspective. I’m co-founder of Pikes Peak InterReligious Clergy Alliance and Pikes Peak Interfaith Council as well as past president of the national  Association of College and University Religious Affairs. When I’m not off wandering rivers and mountains, I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado with my partner, Ellie Coriell. In short – I’m a lucky guy.

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  1. Minal Sagare says:

    Hi, this is Minal from India. currently doing research on river confluences in India. in this context i came across this webpage discussing ‘The confluence of the Colorado River and the Little Colorado River: Escalade Development”. this is something that caught my attention in context of my research. I would like to know more about the sacredness of this place and more.
    I think you may be the right person to contact in this context. It will be great if you could share your email id where i can send further details regarding this research project so as to help you get the background.
    Hope to see your reply.
    Thanks and regards,

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