Em Naranjo

Hi! I’m Emily. Born in Spain, raised in the great state that has come to be known as ‘Dirty Jersey’. Growing up I spent every summer back in Spain in the village where my dad grew up (check it out, it’s called Grazalema). It’s a pretty wild place, and when I visited Pine Ridge during spring break last year I picked up a little bit of the same energy. I’m looking forward to exploring that connection a bit more to see if there is something to it or not.

5 Responses to Em Naranjo

  1. z_santos says:

    Wow. Born in Spain and then moved to Jersey, what a story!! hahaa, tell me more!

  2. e_powersbeck says:

    Wow! How incredible to make that connection between two places to separated by culture and geography… I wonder what it means!

  3. l_gamble says:


  4. Justine says:

    em–you’re famous!

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