Colorado Floods

Dear CC alumni, parents and friends,

Many of you have been impacted by the recent flooding in Colorado. Stories have been reaching us from alumni and parents about damaged homes, flooded basements, and entire communities that will have months, even years, of work ahead to return to some level of normalcy. And we know there are many still at risk and whose safety is unknown. Here in Colorado Springs, the college has been spared, but we know that individuals who are members of our own community have been impacted.  Please know that you are in our thoughts, not only today as the rain continues to threaten, but in the coming days as the recovery begins.

You may share your own story so that all may know you are safe here.


Jill Tiefenthaler, President


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  1. Dear Jill and CC Community,
    Like so many others, I had some water in my basement last week. After drying it out with a fan and cleaning up the mess, I did some work on the rain gutters, the sump pump, and other things. We are not used to having this much water fall from the sky during such a short period, and many houses are simply not built to handle it.

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