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President Jill Tiefenthaler's Blog

Professor Showalter Publishes New Book

Recently, CC history professor Dennis Showalter’s book, Armor and Blood: The Battle of Kursk, hit bookshelves across the country.  A distinguished military historian who has published a number of books, Dennis explores every aspect of a battle many regard as the turning point of World War II in his newest work. Dennis makes use of new information made available by the recent opening of the Russian military archives to offer a definitive account of one of the greatest tank battles of World War II—a battle in July 1943 that proved to be the costliest single day of aerial warfare and the largest tank battle in the history of mankind. Congratulations to Dennis on this achievement!


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  1. Joe Barrera says:

    Dear Jill and All,
    Dennis Showalter’s previous history, The Battle of Tannenberg, is another comprehensive account of a decisive battle in WWI. With The Battle of Kursk, he completes another study in his focus on conflict between Germany and Russia.
    I’ll make it a priority to read his latest.
    Joe Barrera

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