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Professor Hendrickson’s Essay in the National Interest

David Hendrickson, professor of political science at CC, recently published an interesting essay in the National Interest on the current state of affairs in Ukraine.  He argues that the international community has a tendency to make emotional decisions with far-reaching consequences in the wake of tragedies like the recent loss of the civilian jetliner, MH17. To read his essay, please visit here.

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  1. Joe says:

    Dave Hendrickson is correct in reminding us that the U.S., by fomenting the so-called “Maidan” protests that toppled the elected Ukraininan president, has alienated Russia. It will be a long time before the Russians trust us again–if they ever did. Putin may be a dictator with a paranoid view of the West, but it is our own actions that stoke the fires of a resurgent Russian nationalism.

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