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Building on the Block (11_14)

Block 4, 2015-16

Enhancing student research experiences, expanding CC’s immersive learning offerings, and establishing our campus as a leader in innovation – those are just a few of the ways we’ve worked together to advance our strategic plan, “Building on the Block,” this semester.

Recommendation 1:

Following months of research, students presented their findings to the CC community at the Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium, which included a series of short presentations and a poster gallery.

As part of Colorado College’s goal to push the boundaries of academic discovery and student learning, the annual Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium showcased CC student-faculty research collaborations. Jane Murphy, associate professor of history, explained that getting students involved in the research process provides benefits to both students and faculty, as “conversation during this research produces, by its very nature, great ideas.”

Recommendation 3:

CC’s innovation initiative is advancing opportunities and support for students with the addition of an Innovator-in-Residence Program.

“It’s been really fun and exciting to see CC students who are interested in my part of the world that really focuses on social entrepreneurship, social innovation, and the nonprofit sector,” said Michael Hannigan ’75, founder and former CEO of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation, of his time working with students as an innovator-in-residence. He’s one of two innovators helping launch CC’s Innovator-in-Residence Program.

Recommendation 4:

Sense of Place

Local historian Celinda Kaelin led a Sense of Place trip through Stratton Open Space in October where she shared information and the history of the Ute Indians’ presence in the area, including the numerous medicine and prayer trees still located throughout the open space.

CC launched Sense of Place trips at the start of the 2015-16 academic year to provide opportunities for exploring the cultural, natural, and historical features of Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region. “It wasn’t sitting in rows and listening to people during presentations; instead we were actually walking around the locations, able to touch the machines, see how things were working. It was really interactive,” said Julia Hammann ’17, an economics and psychology major who attended a three-day Sense of Place trip during Block 3.

Track all progress on the Strategic Plan and learn more about these initiatives on the Progress page.

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