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Managing Anxiety During COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic is creating a lot of uncertainty, which naturally make us feel anxious. In the video below, Director of the Wellness Resource Center Heather Horton shares some strategies to support your emotional and physical well-being.

  • Unplug: While it’s important to be well-informed, you can limit worry and agitation by limiting the amount of time you spend plugged into media coverage.
  • Focus on things that you have control over: Often, the things that stress us the most are the things over which we have little control. So spending time worrying about what will happen gets you nowhere.
  • Be mindful of your assumptions about others: Viruses do not respect borders and do not discriminate between different populations, and someone who has a cough or fever does not necessarily have Coronavirus.
  • Stay connected to social supports: Maintaining connections to friends, family, and co-workers provides outlets for sharing feelings and relieving stress. If disruptions caused by Coronavirus have separated you from these social supports, make a point of checking in.
  • Seek help when needed: Anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by anxiety or worry can seek professional mental health support. Please reach out if you need assistance: Students can contact the Counseling Center (719-389-6093); staff and faculty can contact the Employee Assistance Program (800-272-7255)

View CC’s Coronavirus Updates & Resources page here

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