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Catie McDonald ’20 Calls for Unity Amidst Coronavirus Tensions

Senior Catie McDonald ‘20 was featured in the Colorado Springs Independent, calling for unity amidst the Coronavirus outbreak. She reached out to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) after the magazine used an undated photo of this year’s annual champagne shower in an article commenting on young people’s negligence regarding Coronavirus precautions (WSJ has since removed the photo).

As Catie explains, “I am not an anomaly — I know my friends and fellow classmates, including those in the Wall Street Journal photo, are navigating this just as seriously as I am. Which is why the headline was shockingly misleading…This photo was taken March 11, before social distancing guidelines were in place, let alone even trending in the press. We were not actively “defying” these rules; we were living in a moment which stood for so many un-lived moments.”

Catie closed with a call for compassion, “If any light can emerge out of this darkness that is a global pandemic, it should be unity, solidarity, and connection predicated upon similarities, not differences.”

Thank you Catie. Read the full article here.

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  1. Meryl Holland says:

    I am so happy this student took this photo to task–as a Mom of a senior, I found the use of this photo disconcerting, dishonest, and disrespectful to the true intent of the situation. It was completely FAKE NEWS, in the worst way, because it was fake!
    Thank you so much for letting us know this young woman had done this. Bravo to her for taking on the media and righting a wrong. Catie, McD is starting the next phase of her life beautifully—standing up for herself and others!

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