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Get to Know the Class of 2024

Colorado College welcomes 576 incoming members of the Class of 2024 and 36 transfer students. Members of the Class of 2024, entering college at a unique time, bring with them unique experiences. Among them are students who have:

  • Worked as a lobsterwoman
  • Been a kindergarten teacher
  • Built a boat
  • Worked as a haunted house actor
  • Been an extra in Game of Thrones
  • Discovered a dinosaur bone
  • Graduated high school with an associate’s degree in software engineering
  • Worked as a firefighter
  • A family of 10 siblings
  • Been a beekeeper

Students started with CC’s Common Read; this year’s book is “What the Eyes Don’t See” by Mona Hanna-Attisha. The book describes how Hanna-Attisha, an immigrant, doctor, scientist, and mother, alongside a team of researchers, parents, friends, and community leaders, discovered that the children of Flint, Michigan, were being exposed to lead in their tap water — and then battled the government and a brutal backlash to expose that truth to the world. Read more about the Class of 2024 here.

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