Deadlines Extended Until Sept. 14

Dear First-Year Students and Families,

The changes we’ve made to our fall plan in response to recent quarantines have been stressful and challenging for you all. We are very sorry this has been so difficult. We are dedicated to providing an outstanding liberal arts education, and doing so while also mitigating spread of the COVID-19 virus is our top priority.

We hope to ease some of the pressure you are feeling right now, and want to provide you more information. Therefore, we are extending the deadline for requesting gap semesters and gap years to Monday, Sept. 14. We are also extending the deadline for dropping CC100 classes to Monday, Sept. 14.

We know you have many questions, and we plan to offer a virtual information session next week specifically for our first-year students and families so we may focus on your particular concerns. You’ll receive information about this session early next week.

First-year students: We do encourage you to complete your CC100 and CC120 classes this fall so you can easily progress in your CC academic career without further disruption. This also will allow you greater flexibility in course placement when you return to campus. We will have limited CC100 and CC120 seats available in January. In addition, we want to remind you that our expanded block calendar this year allows you to have greater opportunity to complete a full eight blocks – or take two additional blocks this year for the same cost – during this very uncertain time.

We also have suspended our three-year residency requirement for the 2020-21 academic year and all students have an option to seek off-campus housing in Colorado Springs. For students receiving need-based financial aid who choose to relocate to a Colorado Springs apartment, we will maintain the same cost of attendance. For students who relocate to their home address, the cost of attendance is adjusted to reflect a reduced cost of living allowance. All students residing in Colorado Springs will be supported by our on-campus health center and will be part of our testing and contact-tracing protocols.

Again, we will email you early next week about a virtual information session for your class and your families.

Thank you for your commitment, care, and concern as we navigate this unprecedented year.


Pedro de Araujo
Vice Provost

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