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Doggett ’92 Appointed VP at Carbonite

Congratulations to Chris Doggett ’92 for his recent appointment as Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Carbonite. In this new position, he will oversee all sales, focusing particularly on consumer and small business markets. After graduating from CC with a major in anthropology, Chris earned his M.B.A. and M.S.–M.I.S. from Boston University, and then went on to work for Sophos and Kaspersky. To read more about the work Chris will be doing with Carbonite, check out this interview.  I love to hear how a liberal arts background helps to make our graduates effective and nimble in a variety of fields and occupations!

Class Field Trip to Denver

This block, my husband Kevin Rask and I are teaching Advanced Topics in Microeconomicsand yesterday we took our class on a field trip to Denver.  We met and discussed education, TABOR, income inequality and the impact of technology on the future of the Colorado economy with staff members at the Colorado Fiscal Institute (where we were hosted by CC alumna Thamanna Vasan ’13) and the Colorado Department of Higher Education. We were lucky to end our day with a special tour of the Capitol, which included a rare trip on the floor and balcony of chamber of the House of Representatives.


Professor Barnes Gets Girls Interested in Science

Professor Rebecca Barnes (Environmental Program) is a national leader in addressing the shortfall of women in the sciences and engineering.  Most of her work is aimed at women in college, but she’s also engaged with budding, future scientists at even earlier ages in our local community.

She met with a group of 6th grade girls who are part of a district-wide program to encourage girls’ interest in STEM-related fields, with Cheyenne Mountain School District 12 teacher and CC alumna Ann Pederson ’89, MAT ‘93.

In addition to exploring how to use the scientific method with the group, Professor Barnes also shared her story of how she discovered science.


Professor Mason ’78 Profiled

In an interview published this month in The Writer’s Chronicle, Professor David Mason ’78 shares his thoughts on a broad range of topics including writing poetry, reading and books, teaching, revision, travel, and advice to students on creating a writing life. It’s a pleasure to read.

A few favorite excerpts:

“I’m not sure greatness can be pursued … but beauty can be pursued, and a charged expression of full-bodied experience can be pursued, and a willingness to be vulnerable to life as well as a rigorous technique–these things can be pursued.” 

Advice for his students: “You are going to die. Your life will be short. That defines everything. Try not to waste time pleasing other people … If you have a passion in life, then follow it … Pay your bills and work at your own pace, learn everything you can learn. Try not to owe anybody anything but acknowledge your debt to the dead. Hard, I know. But try.”

To learn more about Professor Mason’s work, check out his Colorado College profile or read some of his poems.

Congratulations Professor Wittmer

Congratulations to Dana Wittmer for the completion of a groundbreaking report on human trafficking. The culmination of more than two years of work, Professor Wittmer (Political Science), has collaborated with colleagues to collect and analyze data concerning the efficacy of anti-human trafficking efforts in the United States. Their report, “Identifying Effective Counter-Trafficking Programs and Practices in the U.S.: Legislative, Legal and Public Opinion Strategies That Work,” provides important insights to guide the work of legislators and activists.