For Environmental News:

  1. Yale Environment 360
  2. Science Daily
  3. Climate Connections a podcast on how people are responding to the warming world
  4. National Geographic a collection of earth & environmental science related news
  5. Scientific American

Looking for summer research opportunities?

There are many scientists who employ undergraduate students as research assistants in the summer — sometimes this is part of a formal program (e.g. a NSF REU grant, Keck) and sometimes it is on a more ad-hoc basis. If you are interested in science and want to get more experience, nothing can beat working for a summer on a research project.  To find out about upcoming opportunities check on some of the links below, subscribe to list-servs, and ask faculty here at CC. If you are interested in potentially working with me please email, note to soon to be seniors: I will be on sabbatical for AY 2020-21.

  1. Ecological Society of America, Physiological Ecology Section has a great website (with tons of internships, jobs, etc. in ecology and environmental sciences)
  2. CC is affiliated with the Keck Geology Consortium – they sponsor a set of projects that provide great independent research opportunities that could serve as the basis of a senior thesis. The application deadline for summer is usually in early February, so if interested, plan ahead!
  3. The PROGRESS site — there are lots of great REU resources linked to it in a wide variety of earth & environmental science related fields
  4. Dr. Matt Clover maintains a list of REU opportunities open to undocumented students
  5. Dr. Anna Boeg maintains a list of paid undergraduate research opportunities in Ecology
  6. Northwestern University maintains a list of REUs with a environmental science/geoscience focus

List-servs that you can sign up for:

  2. Earth Science Women’s Network Jobs Board (open to all genders)

Preparing for life after college. Applying for grad school? summer research positions? jobs? check out some of the links below and visit the Career Services office – they can be super helpful & provide one-on-one advice.

  1. The PROGRESS website has a nice compilation of Tips on applying for REUs
  2. A 2018 Editorial in PLOS Computational Biology provides a great set of 10 rules to follow when writing cover letters (it is directed at academics but the rules are pretty universal)
  3. Thinking about graduate school? This site provides information about how to prepare, how to decide where to apply, etc.

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