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Old Carbon on the Move

our paper is out in Nature Geoscience!! Increased mobilization of aged carbon to rivers by human disturbance   Approximately 8% of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions are estimated to come from land-use change1, but this estimate excludes fluxes of terrestrial carbon to aquatic ecosystems from human disturbance. Carbon fluxes from land …

Biochar Hydrology Paper Published

from the press release: There is a growing global movement among gardeners, farmers, and others to add ground charcoal, or biochar, to soil to both boost crop yields and counter global climate change. A new study released this week by researchers at Colorado College and Rice University could help settle …

Biochar paper accepted!

Our paper “Biochar-induced changes in soil hydraulic conductivity and dissolved nutrient fluxes constrained by laboratory experiments” was accepted at PLOS ONE. Co-authors include: Morgan Gallagher, Carrie Masiello, Brandon Dugan, and Zuolin Liu.