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Our Objectives

As Kelly noted in her comment, its important that we have clearly defined objectives. She asks:

How will the site be used to advance the business of the college? Elevate the reputation? Increase the volume and quality of applicants? Etc.. And, how will that be measured?

In addition to these business-centered objectives, our website should be designed and structured such that the users can easily find the information they seek or accomplish their task while accurately reflecting CC .

Who are our website audiences and what are they looking for? Here are a few that come to mind (in no particular order): students, faculty, staff, parents of current students, alumni, donors, prospective students (and their families), local community members. Others?

Wish upon a star…

In order to determine what we should be focusing on in the coming months, we’d love to have your ideas about what you’d like to see in a new CC website. What are your hopes and dreams for CC’s presence on the web? What features would you like included in a new site?

We plan to hold an open forum this block to gather your ideas and would love for you to attend, but in the meantime, feel free to enter your comments below.


The short answer is that CC is an awesome college and our website should reflect that. The web and our use and expectations of it have changed vastly since our last major redesign in 2004:

  • the web is the first stop for people seeking information
  • desktop and laptop screen resolution (i.e. size) has increased dramatically, while mobile devices with small screens have become commonplace
  • the use of video has exploded
  • dynamic content has become much more prevalent and therefore, more expected
  • tools for getting content on the web have become more accessible to more people
  • the web has become a much more social place

We have all worked hard to keep pace with the latest advances in technology and communication, but there is a need to periodically evaluate and update some of the fundamental components of our site. This includes the technology running the server behind the scenes, the information architecture (how things are organized), the contents of the website and the visual design.

Read on for a longer answer to “Why?”…

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