Our Objectives

As Kelly noted in her comment, its important that we have clearly defined objectives. She asks:

How will the site be used to advance the business of the college? Elevate the reputation? Increase the volume and quality of applicants? Etc.. And, how will that be measured?

In addition to these business-centered objectives, our website should be designed and structured such that the users can easily find the information they seek or accomplish their task while accurately reflecting CC .

Who are our website audiences and what are they looking for? Here are a few that come to mind (in no particular order): students, faculty, staff, parents of current students, alumni, donors, prospective students (and their families), local community members. Others?

1 thought on “Our Objectives

  1. Angela Cobian

    On behalf of the Student Government Association (and in response to a student concern), I would like to suggest the following:

    An online events calendar that is specific to student events would go a long way in coordination of student life. I know that there is already an event calendar that is open to the greater Colorado Springs community, but there is a need for a calendar that is specific to student sponsored events.

    Many times, student groups will want to host an event on the same day, or even a similar event. If groups could see what days were available, and what types of events were being sponsored, efficiency of funds and streamlining of resources could easily be achieved. This could also help facilitate inter-group collaboration of events.

    Thank you for your time.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Angela Cobian
    Executive Vice President, President Elect

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