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Strategic Recommendations

I know folks are heading out for Winter Break soon, so I thought I’d provide you with some reading material for your plane, train, automobile or couch ride. These are White Whale’s strategic recommendations for CC’s new Web presence. (You’ll need to use your CC login info to download the document.) Much of what you see in the first round design mockups are based on these recommendations. If you have any questions or comments about this document, please send them my way.

Have a wonderful break!

First Round Site Designs

Hello again!

You’re here to see the very first mockups for the new – and we’ll get right to it! There are a few things to know about the following links:

  1. First, these are flat images, and not real, live Web pages. We have to simulate some interactivity at this stage, but we think it’s pretty easy to figure out the basics.
  2. Second, we’re only looking at a few variations on a homepage design, and some sketches of possible inside pages. Some of you who manage pages might not see something in here that fits your needs – but rest assured, there will be piles and piles of page designs to come!
  3. Finally, we need your ideas, enthusiasm, and feedback! Do you know a great course to feature, or an under-the-radar student photographer? Make sure to let us know.

So let’s go!

Home page mockup open

We’ll start with the most important part: how to get around.

Right now, much of the architecture of the CC site is based around its institutional structure. This can be confusing even for internal users, not to mention first-time visitors looking for the big picture. To help with this problem, none of the top 25 pages that tell you about Colorado College represent any one office or administrative unit. Instead, they are meant to be an introduction to that section, and to then guide users to relevant information and offices.

Full size: Navigation only

Next, emphasizing what makes us different.

Above the navigation band, there will be a space dedicated to highlighting the Block Plan, in real time. This area will feature a current course, related photograph, and links to learn more about the Block – including student-curated events and stories!

Full size: Homepage: Romanticism and Nature

Full size: Homepage: Featured Course expansion

Seconds after the page loads, the photos on the bottom split in the middle to reveal a few campus happenings.

Full size: Homepage: Romanticism and Nature – Photos Open

Full size: Homepage: Neuropharmacology – Photos Open

Full size: Homepage: Student Activism in the Civil Rights Movement – Photos Open

Full size: Homepage: Rocky Mountains as a Chemical System – Photos Open

Full size: Homepage: Hip Hop and Ya Don’t Stop – Photos Open

Any photo can be clicked, and it will move to the top of the pile and show a caption. Any of these photos could also be play-in-place videos.

Full size: Homepage with photo caption

A special page, eight times a year.

On only the first day of the block, the area doubles to reveal more of the photo.

Full size: Homepage: First day of Block Five

And of course, adjusting accordingly for Block Break.

Full size: Block Break 1

Full size: Block Break 2

Styles and sketches for possible inside pages:

Full size: Student Activities

Full size: The Application Process

UPDATE: The video of the unveiling presentation is up — you can view it here: Thanks to the students who helped with the video: Zane Bridgers and Sarah White for videography and editing and Ryan Loeffler for help with sound.

First round designs coming next week!

Wow, things seem to be moving quickly. The working group has been busily learning about the various web content management systems, trying to find one that we think will work well for CC. Our primary goal is to have a system that’s both easy and enjoyable for our many web authors, while being sustainable from a maintenance perspective (i.e., easy and enjoyable for our IT staff).

At the same time, White Whale has taken all the information they gathered during their last visit and mixed and stirred it all with some secret ingredients and will be ready to show us their first round designs next week. They’ll be back on campus Thursday, December 9 and Friday, December 10.

We cordially invite you to attend the unveiling. Here are the details:

First Round Design Unveiling
Thursday, December 9 at 3 p.m.
Cornerstone Screening Room

Hope to see you there!