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More designs for your perusal

White Whale has produced some updated mockups which incorporate much of our feedback from Round 1. This bouquet includes two departmental home pages. The specific content and features of the pages are not final and will be chosen when we’re actually putting the pages together. Take a look at them here:

Changes to note (since the first round designs):

  1. Admission has been moved to the right to make the navigation more intuitive (to reflect the order of the discovery process).
  2. Added “& Aid” to the admission heading
  3. Instead of “In this Section” the section navigation is labeled by the section name.
  4. The semi-transparent background behind the block dates was removed.
  5. Subtle changes to the backgrounds (main navigation and page body)
  6. “CC” removed from “The CC Curriculum” and “CC Newsroom”

Your comments are welcome here, or by email to me.

Content, content, content…


academic department workshoppersThanks to everyone who braved the cold weather this week to attend Tonya’s workshops on “Making Your Website Shine: writing for the web and other tips”. Two sessions were presented to academic departments and one to administrative offices. One of each session was video recorded, so if you missed the workshop and would like to watch the video, please contact me for a DVD. The handouts can be downloaded below (using your CC login):

You can use the Website Evaluation Worksheet as a tool to help you develop the information architecture for your site. Sheet 1 is the site evaluation and Sheet 2 is the site inventory.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or Tonya.