Monthly Archives: March 2011

Okay, departments: here are three options!

Performing all on one stage for the first time ever!

These three different options allow departments to push three different amounts of content.

  • Placemat is pushing the least amount of content, and has the most “ooh la la” photo-excitement.
  • Bikini is the middle ground – note that these three bikini examples use the spaces in various ways.
  • And three-column (Boo, Naming Committee!) is by far the newsiest of the designs, with lots of content – it depends on a photo really only for texture.

One additional note about color:

You’ll notice a few different highlight colors on these mockups. I like to let folks choose from an approved set of highlight colors – ones that we have agreed upon (and coded) in advance. Sometimes this is just the thing that makes page editors feel awesome, other times they just want it to be the school colors, darnit! Well, both are very possible… 🙂

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about all of these!