Offices, a couple mockups for you

We have a few remaining designs to put in front of you, and I wanted to post these designs for administrative offices so that they can get circulated ASAP.

As always, some accompanying reading:

– I noticed that time after time, offices were using areas of their pages to post ephemeral campus/weather/springtime photography. It makes a lot of sense because they want pizazz, and their services aren’t always so photogenic – so I built some scenery into these templates. I think it’s a great way to get the feel of Colorado Springs, both on- and off-campus, without requiring too much upkeep.

– This template uses many of our previous design elements, so that we can keep the family resemblance pretty tight in this case – since users will be coming from landing pages, search, and from within departments.

– “Offices and Services” tag at top left would lead to the offices & services homepage.

РContent, as you can see, is variable! Blog feeds and videos can all be accommodated on these pages, as well as some very helpful lists, or a localized Quick Search box.

Great! Let me know if you have additional questions,


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7 thoughts on “Offices, a couple mockups for you

  1. Amy

    I prefer the blue background photo template. It is more inviting and more immediately obvious what it is. I found myself focusing on the yellow in the other picture at first because I wasn’t sure what it was. I love the fonts and the layouts, though!!

  2. Jessica

    I am generally disappointed by the web redesign. This page especially made me why: it looks more like an advertisement than a college campus website.

  3. weston

    Love the drop shadow with Tiefenthaler’s picture and under the header paper area. Also the clean horizontal rules separating some of the items.
    In reference to the category links under Tiefenthaler’s picture, will blogging be a greater part of the site, with Communications encouraging staff/faculty blogging or will that be a divisional, more likely departmental choice?
    Also curious about the related links underscore line and hand-drawn bullet arrows on the HR page as opposed to the straight horizontal rules on the president’s page. I don’t see them on other pages, though there are some hand-drawn bullet circles here and there.

  4. Arielle

    Oh my goodness, the photo on the Human Resources page made me stop in my tracks and stare open-mouthed. WOW.

  5. Rafael

    Great job with the designs!! I was wondering, do you have mockups for student organizations?

    1. Karen Post author

      Hi Rafael,

      Thanks for the feedback! We will have something for student organizations soon…

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