Soft Launch of Institutional Site

Dear campus community members,

We are excited to announce the debut of Colorado College’s new website.

The new site is being introduced in a “soft” launch. It does not yet replace the current site; both the new site and current site will appear online at the same time.  You will find the link to the new site on our current home page and internal home page.  I encourage you to explore the new site and get comfortable with it over the next few weeks because it will replace our current home page on Aug. 22.  Those who have been working very hard on the new web system want to make sure you have the chance to see it in action for a few weeks before the new design replaces the current one.

Please note that frequently updated items such as news and events will only be updated on the new site now.

You will notice that only the CC home page and institutional pages incorporate the new design now. The multitude of other Colorado College web pages, including departmental web pages, are not yet moved to the new look and feel.  Migrating all of those smaller sites over to the new structure and design will be a gradual process over the next year.

Information Management and Communications will work with departments (including group and individual sites) offering assistance with the migration and training on dotCMS, the new content management system software for editing websites.  This process will culminate in your own “soft” launch of your new site, which will replace your current site when you are ready.  More details about how we are going to structure that process will be coming in the near future.

To ask questions about the process, please contact Karen To or Mark Lee, and to ask technical questions, please contact the Help Desk.

Jane Turnis
Director of Communications

2 thoughts on “Soft Launch of Institutional Site

  1. Karen Pope, '70, Parent '04

    1.Cannot locate outstanding Honor Council short video, which I thought I saw on the main page last week …. have poked around and don’t find it.
    2. Tried to send inquiry via WEBSITE FEEDBACK and got message that “user doesn’t have write permissions to Contentlet.”
    3. As an Alumni Trustee, I would be pleased to be pictured on the page that lists Trustees.

    1. Karen Post author

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      1. Here’s a direct link to the Honor Council video: You probably saw it after viewing the time lapse video currently on the home page. We’ll make sure it is added to the Honor Council site and may also feature it specifically on the home page when we remove the time lapse video.
      2. The feedback form should be working on the site again — sorry for the problem.
      3. I believe the individuals with photos at are the chair and co-chairs. Once we move that site to the new CMS, we may be able to add more photos.



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